Case Studies

CVC Capital Partners


When CVC was weighing an investment into Alvogen, InterPharmaLink was mandated to perform the commercial and the technical due diligence on behalf of the consortium of investors.


  1. Within few weeks distinctive markets and portfolios in CEE, APAC and the US needed to be assessed for commercial risks and opportunities

  2. Within few weeks a TechOps network of five development and manufacturing sites and numerous external suppliers needed to be assessed for compliance and capex risks and opportunities for efficiency gains


  1. Commercial DD of the business strategy and competitive position, portfolio and pipeline, and key value drivers in CEE, APAC and the US

  2. Technical DD of the quality and performance status of the five production sites in Romania, Taiwan, Korea (2) and the US

  3. Board Membership in Alvogen to support execution of the business plan


  1. Successful acquisition of a controlling stake in Alvogen from Pamplona in June 2015

  2. Successful sale of Alvogen’s CEE activities to Zentiva in October 2019

  3. Successful sale of Alvogen’s APAC and Adalvo activities in a $475m deal in November 2021